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The faculty started to receive first-year students in addition to second-year students who came from other faculties and colleges of medicine. There was an urgent need to run Faculty of Medicine at Idleb University due to the difficulties of Syrian War. The duration of the study in the MD program is six years. After the end of the study, a graduate of the faculty earns a degree in Doctor of Medicine/ M.D and licensed and has the right to work and practice the profession as Doctor of Medicine in Syria.
The Faculty of Medicine aims to provide the society with highly qualified doctors with professional skills and ethical values that are going to contribute to the development of the medical sector and improve the quality of medical services in the community as a whole by developing and modernizing medical teaching and learning methods.

Prepare the student to be a professional doctor who is going to be highly competent, aware of the medical needs of the community, capable of following up on education and committed to the ethics of medicine and ethics, in order to contribute to the provision of healthcare , both preventive and therapeutic to all citizens, people, nations, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or religion.
Preparation of undergraduate students to continue their graduate studies and carry out scientific research at Idleb University following up development plans at the university.
Idleb University plans to prepare specialists in various fields of medicine and medical studies and provide them with a high level of knowledge and skill in their field of specialization not forgetting to prepare some of them academically to be members of the faculty of the university.
The university plans to contribute, provide and participate in training medical courses
Develop the Initiatives of collective medical work and strengthen cooperation with all sectors concerned with the health issues of students, administrators and doctors not forgetting to strengthen cultural ties with international faculties and colleges of medicine.
Develop curricula, teaching methods and plans. In addition to that, Faculty of Medicine plans to develop examination methods in addition to writing and translating academic medical books. The university is also planning to establish quality criteria systems taking into consideration the evaluation standards that are based on the opinions of students, professors and experts.
To Provide therapeutic services to a wide range of citizens through the work of academic educational hospitals that we are establishing with the help Ministry of Healthcare.
Prepare scientists not students not forgetting to shed light upon scientific research, creativity and giving.

Faculty of Medicine includes 13 laboratories:
1. General Chemistry Lab.
2. Laboratory of organic chemistry.
3. Biochemistry Laboratory.
4. General and private textile laboratory.
5. General and private pathology laboratory.
6. Laboratory of botany.
7. Laboratory of Zoology.
8. Human Anatomy Laboratory 1 + 2 + 3.
9. Physiology Laboratory 1 + 2.
10.Pharmacological laboratory (pharmacology).
11. Laboratory of bacteria and viruses.
12 - Detective parasites and fungi Laboratory.
13. General Physics Laboratory.

• Up to date, the faculty contains sixteen halls for theoretical lectures.
• Twelve halls in the laboratory section.

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